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Support Services

We offer a number of support options

If you have a question, first check our Knowledge Base to see if we have it answered already. If you can’t find the answers there, just post your question in our Q&A Section and we’ll get you an answer. We also offer premium support.

One-off Tasks

You can submit a request for a one-off support task. These small tasks are handled Monday – Friday and are generally completed the same day. If the task is too complex for a single day solution, we’ll notify you of your options and our recommendations.

Monthly Maintenance Service

You can subscribe to our Monthly Maintenance Service. For a nominal fee, we will take care of unlimited small issues each month for your site. That’s right – unlimited! This is a great plan for you if you’re just starting out developing a WordPress site and you need a little help, or you’ve been running your site for a while and it’s time for updates.

Platinum Support Plan

Last, you can subscribe to our Platinum Support Plan. Here you’ll get unlimited issues, small or large, handled throughout the life of your contract. With Platinum support, you can sleep easy knowing that your site is in good hands. Backups, updates, optimizations, you name it, we will do it.

We Are Constant Contact Specialists

Choose a Plan that Meets Your Needs and Your Budget

Get started today and our expert team will perform our 15 stage website review for free (a $99 value) as a signup bonus.

Single Task – One Time Payment of $50

Gold Annual Plan (Single Payment of $750)

Gold Subscription Plan (Monthly Payment of $75)

Platinum Annual Plan (Single Payment of $1250)

Platinum Subscription Plan (Monthly Payment of $125)

Once you submit your payment, we’ll contact you by email to talk about your issues. At that point, we’ll give you an estimated timeline for solving your problem.

Please be prepared with your login information for your site, your host, or whatever it will take to get to your problem area.

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