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Our Design Process

Ok, let’s be honest here. Design Process is not the most interesting thing in the world, but it’s EXTREMELY important, and here’s why.

We’ve worked with clients that decided they would go to FIVR, or UpWork, or any of the other cheap-as-they-come freelance sites. They talk with a dozen or so “developers” who show them a “portfolio” of designs they say they came up with, and make promises on time to completion. Oh, they’ll tell you about past successes, give you a fixed price, ususlly really cheap, and then they’ll “get to work” on your site. A few weeks later, you have a half completed site, and the “Developer” has dropped off the face of the earth. No contact. No updates. No finished site. No recourse. We can’t tell you how many of those sites we’ve had to fix, when if you would have just come to us in the first place, you’d be in a much better place right now.

In our design process focuses on you! We work with you from start to finish, with milestones we agree upon up front, and maybe most importantly, you know what it will cost with respect to time and money. 

We start with a conversation about the vision you have for your site, and then we talk about a few examples of sites with features you’d like to see. After that, our team gets to work. First we research your features to determine the best way to implemetn them, and then we gather essential materials like text, logo and other images, color swatches, etc… We produce a wireframe that actually works. Go ahead, click around and see if it’s the experience you hoped it would be.

Once we get your approval on the wireframe, we get to work. Your with us the entire time – right there in the backend of the site. We’ll set up our development sites and invite you in. Seriously, we have nothing to hide. We give you access to play around with WordPress as we develop your site. You learn about your site while we develop. In the end, you’re happy, you’re smarter, we’re happy, and your site looks AMAZING!

We bet you’ll be so happy with our work that you’ll ask us to stay on the team and pull routine maintenance, site updates, backups, and more. We’ve seen it before, and we’re ready to assist.

The bottom line is we’re not happy until you’re happy.

KBT’s Platinum service opened a door for me in moving my website forward. As a creative person I am very pleased with the quick turnaround time of KBT to my suggested changes – within 24 hours – at no extra cost to adjust my website to the unfolding reality of my business. This is invaluable when aiming for success and seeing the results of my ideas right in front of me. The knowledge base of Wordpress Design of KBT means that I can give them a problem that would take too much time for me to figure out, and rely on it being solved within a promised time line. Counting on KBT  for my website development and updates gives me the flexibility to express my vision to my audience in the most creative and compelling way. Thank you, Key Business Technologies!

Louis Koster

Author, Humanitarian

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